Complete Event Production

Our Complete Event Production (CEP) division covers all things live event production, which includes but is not limited to: audio-visual services, scenic and stage design, entertainment coordination, and scripting. Our CEP team is composed of individuals with years of experience in their specialized fields. It is their passion for production and past success, which sets them apart. Anybody can flip on the lights and crank up the volume, but it takes experience to create an experience that your audience will not soon forget.

Through our partnership with PHX Audio Visual and our teams here at White Tie, we are able to ease the minds of our clients by providing an exceptional level of service and quality. Our team uses the latest and greatest technology to make your visions become reality. Below are just a few of the services our team provides.

  • Pro Audio Systems
  • Pro Stage and Scenic Intelligent Lighting Systems
  • Large Venue Projection and LED Screens
  • Custom 3-D Projection Mapping
  • Scenic and Stage Design
  • Stage Management
  • Session Scripting
  • Breakout AV

Ready to make some production magic with us?