Gatorade Fast Twitch

Locker room bathed in green light with Fast Twitch sign.

Client: Noun Agency & Gatorade

Date: February 2023

Complete Event Production,
Creative Media Design,
Event Logistics Management,
White Tie Studios

Leading up to Super Bowl LVII in Arizona, Gatorade partnered with Noun Agency to create a football-stadium-like experience for the launch of Gatorade’s Fast Twitch Energy Drink. Noun enlisted the help of White Tie to bring the creative vision to life. In partnership with the Noun team, we at White Tie supported the overall design, curation, experiential content production and on-site execution for this event.

On site guests started in the locker room experience. We transformed the 435 Collective studio space in Downtown Phoenix into a professional locker room with the additions of multiple photo moments, a branded lounge area, Fast Twitch energy bar, two sets of custom, fabricated branded lockers and a custom bottle wall featuring the available flavors of Fast Twitch.

Guests were led out of the locker room to a mini football field through our custom fabricated high-energy tunnel featuring a curated pump-up sequence featuring audio, LED pixel controlled lighting, video content and special effects all perfectly synced. Once on the field, Gatorade-sponsored athletes and guests participated in performance and endurance challenges. Noun and the Gatorade marketing team produced countless hours of content throughout the experience. You may recall a video that went viral of Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, DK Metcalf, jumping to catch a football – that was on the Fast Twitch field!

Creative Media Design

This production started with our Creative team working hand-in-hand with Noun to bring the activation to life by creating full renders of what each area of the space would look like. The locker room, tunnel and field were each strategically designed to create a seamless and immersive experience for guests.

Four images of renders of the tunnel compared to the practical tunnel

In the locker room, there was the unique request for a free floating bottle wall. Using 3D printing technology, we were able to create a custom fabricated Fast Twitch bottle holder that snapped onto the neck of the bottle. The sleek design of the holder allowed it to disappear and give the appearance the bottles were floating.

Cad images of the custom designed bottle clip alongside the finished wall of Fast Twitch bottles

Outside, in partnership with Gatorade’s marketing teams, White Tie created a tunnel-hype sequence that used a combination of video assets, strategic audio and lighting design all timed to create a high-energy experience for guests to enter the field space.

Complete Event Production

With the many unique elements in this experience, each of our team’s strengths had an opportunity to shine. In the locker room, our scenic team custom fabricated props for the photo areas, designed and built custom branded lockers and bar signage, oversaw the production and installation of vinyl and foam graphics as well as built the custom bottle wall. The lighting team worked with the scenic fabrication team to ensure the locker room was expertly lit.

As we moved outside to the tunnel, the production team erected a custom tent and truss structure complete with multiple types of flooring to give the illusion of an indoor tunnel. The tunnel was wrapped in custom stretch fabric, cut to size for a polished look. Astera lighting products were used to light the interior of the tunnel. All lighting was controlled by a media server that also cued the graphic video elements and audio elements of the sequence.

On the field, our team facilitated the installation of custom painted turf, graphic panels, sports equipment and other aesthetic elements to compliment the field experience. The space was continually refreshed and maintained throughout the three-day event to ensure that each guest experienced the activation as if it had just opened.

Fast Twitch locker room with custom graphics and green lighting. Fast Twitch lounge with sofas and photos of athletes drinking Fast Twitch.

White Tie Studios

White Tie Studios at the Station acted as homebase for the production. Starting with pre-production for the tunnel sequence, then turning into a war room for the production teams. There was content being shot throughout the experience that was quickly sent back to editors operating out of the studio to be edited and turned into polished packages.

Event Logistics Management

White Tie’s logistics team worked with the Noun team to facilitate all inbound and outbound products used for the event. This included box shipments, palletized shipments and heavy freight. Following the event, we facilitated the movement of a large portion of the experience to the East Coast for use in another production. This required building custom shipping crates and modification to some of the scenic pieces to prepare them for transport. The Noun team was operating under a strict deadline and the White Tie logistics team was able to provide aid making the turnaround as seamless as possible.

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