Texas DECA

Full auditorium lit in blue with Chapter Advisor of the Year projected onstage.

Texas DECA is the largest state association within the DECA organization. Their 2022 State Conference was intended to welcome members back to in-person events with an experience they'll not soon forget. The annual Texas DECA State Career Development Conference included an Opening Session, Entertainment Session, Business + Election Session and Awards Session. Our team was responsible for all things production from scripting to stage design to a custom motion graphics package to on-site audio-visual production execution.

Empty auditorium with DECA momentum graphics projected on large screens

Complete Event Production

We received the client-provided show outline and our team went to work, focusing on scripting while simultaneously building show moments and stage movements. This allowed our full team to keep the big picture in mind while each individual department focused on the details. Inevitably, as the production evolved, the team was able to rearrange sections of the shows for a seamless final production.

Our stage managers acted as on-site liaisons, scheduling rehearsal times around the client's and talent's schedules, ensuring everyone looked and sounded great and were comfortable throughout the event. A custom greenroom was curated close to the stage for talent holding that included seating, beverages and snacks.

Digital render of the stage with blue and purple lighting

Creative Media Design

Every production at White Tie begins with a stage design concept. This process unites our producers, creative team and technical architects from concept to reality. For Texas DECA, we knew the centerpiece was going to be an LED wall design that would both intrigue the audience and also support the sophisticated movement of talent on stage. We were challenged with the U-shape layout of the venue’s seating as it limited the effective viewing angles for many audience members.

Our designers settled on a symmetrical, three screen design that pitched outward to face audience members on all sides. By positioning the openings behind the main screen, we created an illusion of one continuous screen for much of the audience.

With three individual 11.5' x 16' LED screens, the LED wall allowed our stage managers to welcome VIPs onto our stage through strategic passageways between the screens. This helped to give audience members a seamless show, as the on-stage talent could move seamlessly and discretely around the set.

The LED wall became the perfect canvas for our creative team to build immersive and thoughtful content throughout the show. With over 500 individual graphic cues, this set piece became the perfect backdrop to support the on-stage messaging.

Computer display showing audio projection mapping of the auditorium.

Audio Visual Services

Our client's need to maximize seating in the venue presented our audio team with a unique challenge. With seating fully spread in a U-shaped, bleacher-style configuration, it was critical we deploy a system that ensured every seat had great, intelligible sound.

To achieve this, our audio engineering team captured laser measurements on-site with a 3D modeling tool to calibrate the exact angles and placement of every speaker in the room.

The perfect product for this was our newest line array system: a VUE Audiotechnik al-4 line array, supported by VUE’s flagship hs-28 dual 18" subwoofers. This system, owned and maintained in-house, delivered outstanding immersive audio while maintaining incredible clarity for dialogue. This balance was critical for this client's awards show, which relies strongly on full-range music beds with clear voice-overs on top.

Digital render of the stage with officer awards being announced.

Event Logistics Management

The most unique and critical innovation came from our client's desire to have a scripted awards session built from information available only hours before the awards show.

In total, this involved 743 individual award finalists across 50 competitions.

We were tasked with finding a way to invite award recipients to stage and, later, recognize them individually with a live award presentation. Each of these moments required our announcer to read their names live and display animated graphics on-screen for each individual award recipient.

To achieve this, our team utilized our custom-built, web-based application to ingest our client's raw database export, which then generated a complete and seamless script document, along with every graphic needed for the show.

By integrating with Google's Cloud SDK, our tool successfully rendered hundreds of graphics in a matter of seconds, with 100% content accuracy. This allowed our client the comfort of providing content to us on their timeline while being confident that the script and graphics would be generated by showtime with no errors.

Four officers on stage with photo and name projected in the background.