Visit Phoenix Virtual Annual Meeting

Members of Visit Phoenix sit in socially distanced armchairs on a stage in an empty auditorium.

Visit Phoenix hosts an annual meeting aimed to inform members of the travel and tourism community on the latest happening of the market. In 2020, we were faced with the unique challenge of presenting this typically in-person program virtually. Our goal was to re-engage and re-ignite the members of the community after a tumultuous six months for the industry and provide information to help get their businesses on the road to recovery.

Complete Event Production

The Visit Phoenix meeting is quite the feat in Phoenix so as the first virtual annual meeting, all the bells and whistles needed to be pulled out. The Orpheum Theater is a historic theater in the Downtown Phoenix area with an exquisite opera hall fit for the occasion. After securing the venue, we communicated with Visit Phoenix on all expectations for the show. Our director then took over calling the shots switching from pre-recorded videos, to presenters and panelists both virtual and physically on set along with controlling the audio and lighting of the theater.

Audio Visual Services

With this being a fully virtual event, all of our attendees joined in live to watch the program. Several of our presenters were in-person with a few online. With the help of one of our 4K cameras mounted on a 24' jib arm, we were able to capture the CEO of Visit Phoenix walking through the aisles of the theatre to open the show. He addressed the effect of COVID-19 and how Phoenix is prepared to rise and flourish as we come out of the situation while also taking the precautions to protect the community. The show then switched to a panel with five panelists speaking on Phoenix marketing and brand campaigns promoting travel for both leisure and business. The show also included a panel of four where two panelists joined virtually, each shown on their own vertical LED panel giving the feeling that they were in the room.

White Tie Productions has become an integral part of our event planning process. I would recommend them to anyone looking for work as simple as basic event planning needs to as advanced as video production and creative solutions for your event. It is hard to find a group of people who understand the event business like White Tie Productions.

Megan Trummel Former Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Visit Phoenix

Creative Media Design

In order to keep the audience engaged virtually, we took extra care as we created our graphics package and video presentations to ensure that the audience felt their time was being well utilized. Throughout the show, we also utilized various music genres from energetic to somber to inspirational based on where we are in the show to convey the feeling of the content being discussed. Each moment of the show was carefully scripted and crafted to ensure that the message was displayed accurately and in an impactful way.

Event Logistics Management

Given the state of the community at the time this show was produced, safety was of the utmost importance. We designed a specific set of safety guidelines to ensure that all crew and talent were able to be a part of the program in a safe manner. Our on-site logistics manager worked with each person to address any specific concerns and to make sure the show moved along safely.